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Dental Fissure Sealant
in Dubai

Fissure Sealant

No Pain! No Drill! No Injection!

Time Duration – 3-5 minutes per tooth

What Then Are Dental Fissure Sealants?

Fissure sealants are materials that act as covers for the pits and grooves of the teeth. They help prevent bacteria, as well as food debris, from getting stuck in these areas of the teeth. In this way, they help protect the teeth from decay-causing elements.

Most of the fissure sealant materials used today are resin or plastic. They are safe, and the kids dentist only needs a few minutes to place them on each of your child’s tooth.

The Main Protective Features of a Fissure Sealant

  • When applied to the tooth, the sealants occupy the pits and grooves that can harbour food and plaque. This, in turn, helps to keep food debris from getting stuck and attracting bad bacteria. In addition, the fewer “dents” on the teeth give harmful bacteria fewer hiding places.
  • Many studies have shown that teeth with fissure sealants are less prone to dental decay. The actual numbers and rates vary. However, one study found that molars with sealants had up to 78% fewer caries than unsealed teeth.
  • Sealants also make the teeth easier to brush and clean. That’s because they help to reduce the “deepness” of these indentations. As a result, they increase the cleaning reach of toothbrush bristles.

How the Kids dentist applies fissure sealant?

One of the main benefits of a fissure sealant is its quick and easy application. As mentioned above, it only takes a few minutes to treat each tooth with a sealant. Most patients also say that the placement itself doesn’t involve any pain and without drills.

Here’s a quick fissure sealant step by step guide, so you and your child know what to expect during the dental visit.

The Kids dentist will prepare and clean the tooth first. This ensures that no plaque or dental calculus (hardened plaque) remains on the tooth. This is crucial, as any debris will make it harder for the sealant to adhere to the tooth.

The Kids Dentist call this part of the process as “isolation.” It involves ensuring that the tooth that will get sealed is dry and free of saliva. A dentist may use a rubber dam, but if this makes your child uneasy, cotton rolls and dry field pads are often enough.

The dentist will then apply a special solution on the tooth to further “condition” its surface. This will also help the fissure sealant adhere or stick better to the tooth’s surface. It also offers the extra benefit of eliminating bacteria in the pits and fissures.

After several seconds, your dentist will ask your child to rinse his or her mouth. The dentist will then dry the tooth again before finally applying the sealant.

The dentist will use a special blue light on the now-covered tooth. This light triggers the resin material to harden and stabilise. This part usually only takes about a minute.

Once the sealant solidifies, the dentist conducts a final check of the treated tooth. This ensures that the tooth cover is stable, secure, and doesn’t affect the bite. If everything is in order, you and your little one can go home right after.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, fissure sealants can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

At the Kids Dentist, we use BPA free and FDA approved which has long lasting performance

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