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Space Maintainer Treatment

Space Maintainer Treatment in Dubai

Primary teeth play important part in a child’s health and development. Eating, smiling, speaking, and holding spaces in the jaws for the growth of permanent teeth are all dependent on primary teeth.

Around the age of three, the majority of kids develop their first full set of baby teeth. Primary teeth allow children to consume solid meals for the first time, and they also function as placeholders for permanent teeth.

If your child loses the teeth early, or if there is a delay in the growth of their permanent teeth, pediatric dentist may advise space maintainers to protect your child’s mouth till the spaces are covered with permanent teeth.

Space maintainers are utilized to keep adequate space free for permanent teeth to develop if baby teeth are lost unexpectedly due to decay or infection. While it may not appear to be a major issue at first, failing to address a gap can result in costly complications down the road.

If a tooth is missing or pulled well before the permanent replacement is ready to emerge, other teeth may make their way anywhere around that open area rather than where they should be. Space maintainers serve as a temporary replacement for the permanent tooth that is yet to find its new spot.

A space maintainer is a device made of plastic or metal that maintains the gap left by a tooth that is lost prematurely. It inhibits the other teeth from shifting into the recently available space by filling the gap while the permanent tooth grows. Orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth can be expensive and time-consuming. If your child has a spacing problem, using a space maintainer is a lot more cost-effective and simple solution.

There are two different types of space maintainers – removable and fixed.

  • Removable maintainers are composed of acrylic and retain the open spaces with false teeth or pieces of dental material. This works best in an older child who is able to clean and maintain the device. For youngsters who are missing numerous teeth, a partial denture is a good option.
  • Fixed maintainers are fastened to the teeth on either side of the gap. These are better suited for small children or those who have lost a rear tooth. They can be used to keep space for front or back teeth and are fitted on either the upper or lower jaw.

For every child, it is vital to make regular visits to dentists from an early age. The Kids dentist will recommend the type of space maintainer depending on the number and position of lost teeth.

Irrespective of how a child’s primary teeth are lost, space maintainers must be considered to ensure that permanent teeth grow in the proper positions.

  • If a primary tooth is absent for an extended period of time, the child’s other teeth may become loose as a result of inadequate support. If this happens, the free teeth may shift into locations that were meant for other teeth. As a result, whenever permanent teeth develop It is critical to begin caring for your child’s teeth right from the beginning. You must promote healthy; they may grow in the wrong places.
  • If your child’s primary teeth fall out to make place for permanent teeth that may erupt soon, it may not be essential to install maintainers in that scenario. Nonetheless, if permanent teeth aren’t expected for a while, our dentist may suggest space maintainers as an alternative.

There are numerous benefits of using a space maintainer including:

  • Maintains the correct position of adjacent teeth.
  • Encourages proper permanent tooth development.
  • Improves the appearance.
  • Prevents the misalignment problem.
  • Diminishes the necessity for braces and orthodontic treatment

It may take a few days for your child to become accustomed to the device. Throughout this time, dentist monitors jaw growth, oral hygiene, and the progression of permanent teeth. The space maintainer must be adjusted on a regular basis and must be repaired immediately if it is damaged. It is crucial to take proper care of the device. Few steps include:

  • Brush twice daily.
  • Once in a day, clean between the teeth.
  • Avoid chewy foods, candy, or gum.
  • Don’t push or pull the device.
  • Avoid plaque build-up.
  • Avoid biting hard foods.


If your child’s baby tooth is lost prematurely due to extraction, decay, or dental trauma, you may not notice as it will be substituted by permanent teeth in the near future. Although it’s correct that a permanent tooth will ultimately sprout in the gap left by a lost baby tooth, it’s also noteworthy that losing baby teeth too early might cause complications when a permanent tooth grows. As a result, a space maintainer may be recommended by our dentist.

A space maintainer is a dental appliance used to preserve the space created by a lost baby tooth. They are crucial to your child’s oral health since they help to prevent a variety of problems. It is vital to follow proper oral hygiene and take steps to care for the device to prevent it from damage. The space maintainer will be removed after the permanent tooth starts to sprout, as it has performed its role.

Call us today to make an appointment if you have any issues or queries about dental space maintainers or your child’s oral health in general.

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